Mon. Sep 26th, 2022


2022 seems to be a year of drama and controversies as singer Portable Zazu Zeh calls out Kogbagidi, demanding his new car.

It would be recalled that 2021 ended on a high note for Portable who featured Olamide and Poco Lee in his hit song, Zazu Zeh.

The song was widely accepted by music lovers but things took a new shape when Portable called out Poco Lee for allegedly ripping him of his hard-earned money, (Watch Video Here).

Though that drama has been settled by the likes of Olamide, Portable has been involved in another drama and this time with Kogbagidi, his promoter.

In a new video that has surfaced on all social media platforms, Portable could be seen holding a baseball bat, calling out Kogbagidi.

Portable in the video asked Kogbagidi if he was signed to his record label and why the show promoter decided to seize his car.

Not ready to take a no for an answer, Portable who was allowed entrance into Kogbagidi’s car rain curses of the show promoter, stating the sum of money he has made from their partnership.

Kogbagidi had earlier been involved in a dramatic scene with Portable when the singer called out Poco Lee.

The show promoter at that time sent Portable packing out of his house, a move that got fans talking on social media.


Though it’s still unclear what might have been the cause of their latest drama but Portable bought a new car some weeks ago.

He was also gifted another car during a show in December 2021, a move that saw fans go wild.

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All eyes will be on Kogbagidi as fans hope he breaks silence on the latest drama involving him and Portable popularly known as Zaazu Zeh.

See video of Portable demanding for his car from Kogbagidi below:


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